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Marriage Counseling Shreveport

You are here at Marriage counseling Shreveport for a reason. May it be because you are wondering why it is your marriage or relationship the way that it is? How has it got to this point?

In couples therapy at marriage counseling Shreveport we help you to focus on what it is that your situation is trying to teach you and what you have to learn from.

For those of you that come to premarital counseling Shreveport you will have much greater success in your marriage from here on out. For those of you that come to Shreveport marriage counseling you will see a vast difference inside of your marriage through marriage therapy.

shreveport couples counseling

Couples Counseling

shreveport marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

shreveport premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Shreveport

shreveport couples therapy

We have resources for you at Marriage counseling Shreveport LA that are affordable for you to gain a lasting and secure marriage. It is very important and we make sure to stress the importance of investing in your relationship and marriage. The things that you invest in in your life are the things that you draw most importance to.

We who work at marriage counseling Shreveport bossier are very passionate about our work, what we do and how we make a difference in the lives of those that we work with. We believe in the desire to be the best people and members of society that we can possibly be.

Laughing is the best medicine. It is our mission to get laughter into the lives of our clients and help them to gain a value of humor as they see it have a positive impact on their marriage from relationship therapy.

Have you ever walked into an office and were greeted by short and to the point receptionists? We believe in being friendly and warm in our welcome when you walk into the office. We are happy to have you here for marriage counseling and you can be sure to be warmly greeted when coming to couples therapy Shreveport.

We are the best for couples counseling near me because our counselors are incredible at empowering each individual to have the best impact on their own life.

Why Choose Us?

There are so many reasons that you should choose us here for couples therapy Shreveport. We will teach you during couples therapy near me here at Marriage counseling Shreveport to:

  • Let go of control of your spouse and trying to change and point out what they are doing wrong
  • Use your energy for positive change rather than wasting it on negative aspects
  • Love your spouse in every season especially when they are hurting and suffering
  • Set boundaries in your marriage in all areas of your marriage
  • How to apologize correctly so that your spouse will easily be able to forgive

You are going to want to call us to discover what is the best types of couples therapy for you right now. It is going to depend on what is going on right now in your circumstances to discover what therapy will be most fitting.

Does couples counseling help? Yes it does and all of the clients we have helped through the years will agree.

Flexibility is so important to us and we do the best at being flexible for our clients to move at their own pace.

As you do your best in couples counseling to make progress and be aware of your own needs then you will see the most positive change in your relationship.

What To Expect?

When you first begin counseling your counselor will get to know your relationship and your upbringing to determine how it has been an impact on your relationship. Sometimes you will not realize how much your upbringing has made a difference on the way that your marriage is now running.

You may be nervous that it will take a ton of work to create the marriage that you want. While this may be true, it may also be true that it will only take very small changes that make all the difference.

Relationship counselling is going to be uncomfortable in the beginning and you are going to learn how to be uncomfortable during relationship counseling. You will become more comfortable with being uncomfortable as time goes on.

shreveport family counseling

You will schedule with us for the type of therapy that best suits you, and then you will begin your counseling sessions. Upon arrival you will fill out a questionnaire to evaluate where you are currently at. This will be a great starting point for your therapist.

You will gain all the insight and start to see glimpses of joy, security, and love once again in your marriage. You will restore the beautiful relationship that once was as you work on your marriage together.


We should receive the most training in the best and most rewarding job of your life, which is that of a committed happy and successful marriage.

This is why we offer you premarital counseling so that you can receive the best training possible in couples counselling. Since marriage is a lifelong commitment we are going to need to upkeep that relationship and “training” which is why we offer Shreveport marriage counseling.

Pre marriage counseling

When you start a new job there is always training. Sometimes it is a 1 day training and other times it is an entire week or maybe months of training.

This is what premarital counseling Shreveport is for your marriage. It is the training that you need to successfully navigate the rest of your life in your marriage.

Marriage Counseling

When you are a counselor, hairdresser, teacher, or many other professions you have to continually renew your licence. This is what marriage counseling near me provides you.

It is the chance to renew your “licence” or gain a further education in your study, which is marriage for life.

We teach you new tips and give you new tools to better strengthen and nourish your marriage.

About Shreveport

Shreveport is home to nearly 187,000 people. It is one of the largest cities in Louisiana and is a national center for the oil industry and is also huge in the gambling center. There are many historical houses here making it quite an interesting place to be at and visit.

We have very warm and humid weather here and tons and tons of rain. We have not only rain, but also rain storms and tornadoes to keep a lookout for. Shreveport is part of the bible belt and Christianity is the most common religion.

51% of Shreveport is Black or African American with 47% being White while the remaining population are a mix of other races. Nine of the cities that are closest to Shreveport are:

  1. Bossier City, LA
  2. Vivian, LA
  3. Greenwood, LA
  4. Blanchard, LA
  5. Benton, LA
  6. Oil City, LA
  7. Bethany, LA
  8. Mooringsport, LA
  9. Belcher, LA
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

How does relationship counseling work?

The way that relationship counseling really works is by you and your spouse coming together and discussing issues in your marriage. You will each learn things about yourself that you need to work on and change while seeing light bulbs about your relationship in the process. You will also discuss the qualities that drew you to each other and where in your marriage you lost sight of these qualities that you originally loved so much about your spouse. You will see things in a new light as you talk so opening and freely about your marriage.

When do we know that we should go to marriage counseling?

When you are feeling in your marriage like a spark is lost, you are feeling lonely, or you are discussing the same issues over and over again in your marriage then you would benefit largely from counseling. If your marriage is different then it once was, maybe you are feeling more like roommates than a married couple, that would also be a time to come to counseling. There can be many reasons to come to counseling and we highly suggest it to all couples. If you are not currently struggling as a couple you are still welcome to come and learn the skills that you will need to overcome the struggles when they arise in your marriage.

Will my insurance cover my counseling sessions?

Depending on the insurance that you have and the insurance that our different counselors are partnered with then insurance may help with covering the cost of counseling. It is very important that if your marriage is struggling that you get the help you need. We try to make counseling as affordable as we can so that everyone can have the chance to create the marriage that they wish to have and deserve.

Will we be advised to get divorced?

No. With couples counseling Shreveport you will not be told to get divorced. However, if that is the route that you have decided is best for your marriage then that is between you and your spouse and your counselor will kindly help to ease that transition and help it to be as smooth as possible for you both. It is very likely that through counseling you will be able to resolve your differences and even learn to appreciate each other’s differences.

Customer Testimonials

We have loved coming to marriage therapy Shreveport. We were all thrown off and not getting along well after we had our baby and we have gotten back on track through our counseling sessions.

Julie Oaks

My wife and I have learned to see each other's perspective on issues that we always fought about. It was so lame that we could not figure out how to get along on such small issues but our counselor has taught us to get along or kindly agree to disagree.

Tyson Noble

During our engagement we have come to some issues and realized that there were some topics that we were not comfortable discussing but knew that they were important so we came to counseling and it has helped us to get to know each other so much more!

Samantha Tate

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Is your relationship on the struggle bus and needing a remodel? Have you lost sight of the foundation that your marriage was once built on? Pre marriage counseling will strengthen your relationship prior to that of being married.

Couples counseling Shreveport will leave you feeling hopeful, and happy once again in your marriage.

Are you needing some true and tested marriage advice? Are your marriage problems becoming too much for you to handle? If so, we would love to see you for relationship counseling Shreveport at Marriage counseling Shreveport.

Call us today to get your free consultation to talk about and figure out what counseling will best suit your lifestyle. You will change your marriage as you come and participate in some of the best counseling around.

Marriage Counseling Shreveport

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